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Cloud Migration & Hosting

Any experienced software engineer will tell you that 'New Broom' projects nearly always fail; very often cataclysmically so. With migration to Cloud, the impact on business as usual and the effect on staff is an important factor, so a phased approach with plenty of training and listening is by far the best way.

That isn't to say that the big tech issues don't matter (platform, performance, uptime, DR, backups etc.) - simply that they are only part of the story. Most projects benefit from being broken down into manageable chunks and migration is no different - the business structure and the risks faced are major factors in how that breakdown is achieved.

Another area that can be overlooked is that the hosting partner's terms are not set in stone - SLA and contract negotiation is an important factor (and can have a lead time as legal can move on its own schedule) but is vital to avoid being trapped in a financially punishing or underperforming solution. Exit is another vital thing to consider, right from the outset, and over the last eight years we have had an immense amount of first-hand experience in robust negotiation with major hosting companies toward fairer arrangements; mutually agreed costs yes - trapped no!

One large advantage that we have in this arena is that we are at heart a software house - so providing and supporting bespoke solution to, for example, securely connect the cloud-based systems to internal legacy systems that can't be moved is something that we've had decades of experience in (and often proves to be a highlight of the job).

Enterprise CMS

Enterprise CMS is where we've cut our teeth. We have architected, developed and hosted large interconnected systems for blue chip clients with uptime measured in years.

CMS development is a broad church, encompassing legacy system interfaces, UX and taxonomy development, system performance & security and then ongoing design and content changes, all of which require careful project management and attention to detail.

We don't advertise our client base for obvious reasons but we are happy to provide use cases on request.

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